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A real find – Zero Waste – Earth.Food.Love in Totnes

At the moment we are staying in a really nice holiday cottage in Tedburn St Mary near Exeter. It’s our base for exploring the area. A couple of days ago we decided to take a trip to Totnes as we had heard how pretty it was. It did not disappoint, it’s true Totnes is a really pretty place and has an extremely charming atmosphere. Old quaint buildings and streets with a bonus that day the sun was shining.

Zero waste shop

We walked around for a while and came across many individual and interesting shops. Totnes has a large health store, reportedly the largest in the South West. However, it was one particular shop that caught my eye and was most interesting and inviting. Full of organic foods and environmentally friendly soaps etc but with a big difference.

Clean and crisp

This shop had a mixture of modern lightness, a natural look with a touch of nostalgia. Traditional shopping in a today designed atmosphere. It’s a store that is embracing and encouraging us to shop in a truly green way. All the products are stored in containers and you help yourself to as much or as little as you want. Sure you might say there is nothing new about that.

Zero Waste

But at  Earth.Food.Love  Zero Waste there is a difference. All the products are organic. But more importantly one of the main elements of this Green store is to encourage you to bring your own containers. Anything clean from an ice-cream tub to a mason jar. They weight the container for you, either the container itself is marked or it gets a label with its weight. Then you fill it with whatever you wish and it is weighed again. Eco-friendly at it’s best, cutting down on all that packaging. However, if like us you were visiting the area or you forget to bring your own containers, no problem. They have brown paper bags in three sizes that you can use. This is what we did, buying coconut flour, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, goji berry and various kinds of nut.

All the products

I couldn’t tell you everything they had exactly. From memory, there were seeds, nuts, flours, dried fruit, oils, soaps, teas, herbs, chocolate, spices and more. You would need to visit their website or visit them to get the full picture. There certainly is a big variety and choice in this store considering it’s size.

The Owner

The owner said he had moved to the area with his wife and child 9 months earlier from Manchester and that the shop had been open 6 months. He explained as time went on more and more people were bringing in their own containers. If you live in the area or are visiting please pop in and support Zero Waste good for the environment, good for your pocket.

Their website http://www.thezerowasteshop.co.uk

I wish them all the best.

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