Talc is hazardous to your family’s health

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Talc is a mineral produced by the mining of talc rocks and then processed by crushing, drying and milling. Processing eliminates some trace minerals from the talc, but does not separate minute fibres which are very similar to asbestos in the way the behaviour, so to speak! Talc is not just used as a dusting powder, it can be found in a variety of consumer products ranging from pesticides to antacids.

However, the products most widely used and that pose the most serious health risks are body and baby powders.

So what to use instead of talc?  You could use organic corn starch or organic rice starch or a mixture depending on your preferences. Experiment with various combinations until you find one to suit. You could take some dried flowers like lavender buds or dried rose petals or dried chamomile heads and grind them in a coffee grinder and add them to your mixture.

Talc is closely related to the potent carcinogen asbestos and has been shown to cause tumours in the ovaries and lungs of cancer victims. Numerous studies have shown a strong link between frequent use of talc in the female genital area and ovarian cancer. Talc particles are able to move through the reproductive system and become imbedded in the lining of the ovaries. 

Talc miners have shown higher rates of lung cancer and other respiratory illnesses. Since the early 1980s, records show that several thousand infants each year have died or become seriously ill following accidental inhalation of baby powder!! If you decide to continue using talc, then use it sparingly and avoid causing a talc cloud.

Talc Alternative for babies a and children 

Remember everything you buy or make even if it’s natural do a small patch skin test first. Always be safe than sorry. Especially on children and babies they have very sensitive skin and it is possible to have a reaction to anything.

2 oz  organic corn starch
2 oz  organic rice starch
2 oz finely ground dried flowers
1 oz orris root powder
1 oz kaolin clay

Put all ingredients into a container with a tight fitting lid and shake well.  Do not remove the lid until the content has settled.


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