christmas gifts

Think local Christmas shopping

Christmas Local Shopping Thoughts of Christmas are not too far away, ordering the turkey and what are we going to buy everyone? Let's make this Christmas the year you buy as many of your presents as possible from small local...Read More

charity furniture

Specialist Charity Shops, furniture & electrical shops

The Red Cross has 17 specialists shops across the UK Second-Hand Furniture and Electrical Shops Ballymena 57-61 Church Street, Ballymena, Co. Antrim BT43 6DD Telephone 028 2565 0749 Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 9am–5pm Dunfermline 11 Bridge Street, Dunfermline, Fife...Read More


Kitchen waste to liquid nutrients & compost

Wormeries turn your vegetable or fruit peelings, kitchen scraps and waste into wonderfully rich compost and a liquid nutrient-rich fertilizer to feed your plant pots, herbs, flowers, hedges, veggie patches or lawns. The liquid needs to be diluted general one...Read More

traditional craftsmen

Could it be the last of our traditional crafts-people?

The BBC reported 19 July 2014 Are these England's last traditional craftsmen and women? By Jenny Scott BBC News   Craftsmen such as Jeremy Atkinson, from Herefordshire, are keen to pass on their skillsEngland's traditional crafts are in danger...Read More

charity shop

Charity Shopping, ethical and eco-friendly

This article from The Ecologist written in 2009 is as relavent today as it was then. Charity shop chic Laura Sevier  17th April, 2009 High-street fashion at bargain prices, charity shops are the ethical way to accentuate a wardrobe....Read More

How to Make Natural Furniture Polish

How-to make natural furniture polish Last week I made my own furniture polish. One smells of citrus made with coconut oil and the other smells of cedar made with olive oil. Both work well and smell wonderful. As you can...Read More


Deodorant, Antiperspirant, Aluminium, natural, nasty

Sweat Glands Most of our sweat glands are found on our foreheads, hands and feet, these sweat glands are known as eccrine. This sweat does not contain proteins or fatty acids and has been active since birth, producing a sweat...Read More


Re-think, re-duce, re-cycle, & re-use

.Urgently Need to Rethink A failure to take these things seriously is going to pose a very real threat to our future and the health of generations to come. Much of our waste ends up being dumped where it’s broken...Read More

wood eco

Eco-friendly Wood Choices

This list comes from The Independent Newspaper The good wood guide: Eco-friendly options for furnishing your home BAMBOO ORIGIN: Found in all climates across Asia, sub-Saharan Africa, northern Australia and the Americas USES: Treated bamboo makes an incredibly light and...Read More