bicarbonate of soda

A shopping list for natural cleaning

The list of stuff you need to make your products is quite simple and/or products you need to buy. Most of the ingredients would be found on your supermarket shelves or some even at the corner shop or online in...Read More

To begin – natural clean home

Maybe you have found this site because you are thinking it's time for a more "natural green clean" or you have already made some moves towards a more natural home and are looking to change even more for the sake...Read More

cleaning vinegar

Vinegar for green clean home

There are different types of vinegar White Spirit Vinegar - the cheapest and best used for green eco-cleaning Apple Cider Vinegar - I use this organic live vinegar in my food recipes for its health benefits Wine Vinegar and Balsamic...Read More

Re-think, re-duce, re-cycle, & re-use

Urgently Need to Rethink A failure to take these things seriously is going to pose a very real threat to our future and the health of generations to come. Much of our waste ends up being dumped where it’s broken...Read More

Pure Cold Pressed Carrier Oils

Pure cold pressed carrier oils They can be used as they are or blended with essential oils. The first three carrier oils have been chosen for their light quality, nothing is worse than heavy greasy oils. They are extremely absorbent...Read More

Natural Skin Care Products

Natural skin care Natural traditions meet with modern science, in a synergistic blend of revolutionary skin care design. Ingredients are chosen for their quality, purity and beneficial values. Nature works - centuries of botanical wisdom and modern green science blend....Read More


Why Green Clean?

Green clean for the sake of your health (you are probably the person who uses the commercial products close up) and that of your family members & pets. It is often not appreciated that the air in your home is...Read More


Top Ten simple things – help your environment & your health

10 simple things Everything we do has a knock on effect, that affects us all and especially the next generation. We know that we can not change the world single handily but we can personally make a difference each and...Read More