Small changes add up to make a greener you

You have probably know about some of these tips already, they will serve as a reminder. While others you may not have thought of.

Most often than not saving you money goes hand in hand with a better environment for us all.

Electrical Stuff
Get into the habit of unplugging any electrical gadget you are not using. For instance a printer left on with its little light or the multi-plug extension often come with a small light. Don’t leave a television on stand-by, unplug it at night.

When you next replace any white goods, go for the best consumption rating you can afford. Investigate the possibility of a simple solar panel or two for your hot water needs.

Give away don’t throw away
Clothes and shoes, thousands of tons end up on landfill sites every year and it’s getting worse. There are charity shops on every high street, collection units at car parks making it very convenient for all of us.

There are organizations that will take your old reading glasses for those in third world countries. To donate your old glasses ask your eye-specialist they will advice or even take them for you. Millions of children and adults are helped that otherwise have no access or money for glasses.

Donate your old mobile phones, helping those less fortunate.

There are organizations that collect postage stamps.

Buy a wormery for compost or build an old-fashioned compost heap to fertilize the garden naturally and for free from kitchen waste.

If you have space grow some of your own vegetables and plant a fruit tree or two. The more trees we plant the better for our environment, with fruit on tap.

When you heat up your oven take the opportunity to cook more than one dish.

Stir-frying is healthy and quick, using little fuel.

Fit a water filter to your kitchen tap and stop buying bottled water.

Stop using disposable containers, plastic freezer bags etc better for the environment. It’s cheaper in the long run to buy reusable containers.

If you use paper kitchen towels buy those made from managed sustainable forests.

Buy organic food if you can.

traditional clothes dryer Laundry
Use a more environmentally friendly detergent, easy to find these days in supermarkets and health stores. Help stop polluting our water ways.

On dry days hang your washing outside. This saves a lot of energy, besides the washing smells amazing when it’s been out in the fresh air.

Buy a clothes dryer on a pulley for the winter months, this dryer can be lowered and raised out-of-the-way. Ideal for the utility room or if you have a Raeburn or Aga hang it above for very efficient and quick drying. As you know warm air rises.

Home office
Use both sides of any paper. Buy recycled paper or paper made from sustainable forests that are managed, an eco-friendly forest management system.

Dispose of ink cartridges responsibly. That goes for batteries too.

Buy a printer with refillable tanks, so you can simply refill with liquid ink.

No more plastic supermarket bags. Buy reusable or make some ecofriendly bags.

Buy stuff with less packaging where possible.

Buy local when ever possible, support local farmers markets and local artisans.

As much as possible buy what is made in the UK. Buy British. Or whatever country you live in, support your local community producers. Less air, train, sea and road miles.

For the next children’s party instead of the convenient plastic stuff buy paper plates, tumblers and the waxed paper drinking straws.

Recycling and trips to the bottle bank goes without saying.

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