Witch Hazel, simple effective toner for problem skin

witch hazelWitch Hazel is common ingredient in various cosmetics and is used as a local anesthetic and astringent. It is made from the twigs and leaves of the wild shrub Hamamelis Virginiana. Witch hazel was used by the Native Americans, so it has a long history in traditional and alternative medicine  for treating hemorrhoids, burns and fevers.

It is known as a soothing skin freshener, has a good astringent affect and tightens pores making it an ideal skin toner for greasy and/or problem skin.

After cleaning your face with a chemical-free natural face soap or face cleanser, take a cotton pad and place some witch hazel on it. Gently wipe your face to remove any soap or cleansing residue, at the same time witch hazel will close the pores.

It has anti-inflammatory properties helping to relieve itching, stings, and soothes skin irritations. The active ingredients are tannins. It is a good idea to have witch hazel in your “natural-remedy-first-aid-kit”

Witch Hazel has a humble back ground, but don’t let this fool you, it’s a very affective product.

Do not use on your face if you have a very dry skin. It can be used to mix with other natural products to add anti-inflammatory properties.

There are many other natural organic skin toners available to use for various skin types.
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