Rose hip oil for skin rejuvenation

rose hipsRose hip oil is a remarkable oil, excellent for skin problems, massage two to three drops of the oil into the affected area every day.

If you are pregnant this is a really good oil to use to prevent stretch marks or even if you have given birth and have a lot of old stretch marks. After giving birth you could add essential oils to speed up the healing process.

Buy 100% pure cold pressed rose hip oil and preferably organic. This oil is particularly high in essential fatty acids known to help skin conditions and is quickly absorbed by the skin so it doesn’t leave an oily feel. Essential fatty acids oils like oleic linoleic linolenic natural retinoin (a derivative of retinol, Vitamin A) – helps rebuild skin tissue anti-oxidant tocopherol (Vitamin E)

Studies have shown that rose hip oil is highly effective for premature aging, producing a dramatic effect on fine lines and wrinkles. It helps reduce pigmentation, raised scar tissue, even on non-recent scars and can be used to treat skin damage, marks or scars from surgery – stretch marks, sun exposure, old acne scars, dry eczema, re-hydrates, repairs damaged skin cells of all sorts, and reduces wrinkles.

This is a really good oil to have in your cupboard for various uses. 


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