Re-think, re-duce, re-cycle, & re-use

.recycledUrgently Need to Rethink A failure to take these things seriously is going to pose a very real threat to our future and the health of generations to come. Much of our waste ends up being dumped where it’s broken down by bacteria. This process produces gases and soluble chemicals, which can contaminate land and water. The gas contains about 50 to 60 percent methane and about 35 to 40 percent carbon dioxide this can contribute to global warming. Reducing our waste has become a serious necessity, not a whim.

I have heard people say “what’s the point my bit won’t make much difference”. This is not true if we all did something every day no matter how small it would make a big difference collectively.

Plastic Water Bottles It makes me very sad to think of a number of plastic water bottles that must be thrown away each day. I see people in the supermarkets struggling under the weight of large bottles of water. The manufacture of plastic puts a huge demand on oil, there are great gains to be had from the reduction of plastics. There are two ways in which we can reduce the number of plastic bottles we throw away each day. Get a water filter installed, they vary in price and I’m sure you can find one to suit your budget. Think of all those bottles you will not have to carry home, think of your back as you struggle to put them into the back of your car and then lift out again when you get home.

Plastic Shopping Bags The other thing that ends up at the dump in huge amounts is ‘the plastic bag’. I have noticed many times how shopkeepers will put a small item into a large plastic bag. What a waste. When out shopping refuse plastic bags wherever possible. Buy some strong simple shopping bags the supermarkets sell and keep taking them with you to reuse time and time again.

Less packaging While shopping, go for the products that have the least packaging. Or packaging once thrown away will do the least harm to our environment in the long run. Or packaging that says it has been made from recycled products. When you buy natural foods like fruit and vegetables you are buying little in the way of packaging – good for you, good for the environment.

Recycled Buy, whenever possible things made from recycled materials ie. recycled plastic or recycled paper, such as writing paper, toilet paper, kitchen paper etc. The Worldwide Fund for Nature says that for each ton of paper recycled saves 15 average-sized trees, as well as their surroundings and wildlife. Look out for paper made from managed reforestation projects. This paper comes from forests planted with fast growing trees and is continually being replaced. Providing us all with clean air.

Donate to Charity Shops What you think is rubbish and want to throw away could be of use to someone else. Give your surplus household goods, furniture, old novels, jig saws, toys, baby things and your old clothes that are in good condition to charity. The perfect way to recycle and raise much-needed money for the charities.

Other Countries In Sweden & Holland, you pay for rubbish collection by the size of the rubbish you put out.
In Denmark, aluminium cans are banned.
In Germany, you will get warning notices if you do not sort out your rubbish properly. If you persistently offend you will receive a considerable fine.

Composting Having a compost heap or buying a contain especially developed for this purpose will ensure a healthy garden and save to having to buy plant feed. This will save on the plastic bag or container the compost comes in. No transportation getting it to the garden centre and the to you. Of course, it will also save you money. 

Disposable Nappies It is estimated that about 4 percent of the landfills are filled with disposable nappies. They will take 500 years to biodegrade! That is a terrible thought.

Clearly something needs to be done. Think about the way in which you can make a small difference to your environment, for all our sakes.

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