Orris root powder and potpourri

Dried orris root smells like violets and is primarily used as a base for natural toothpaste, and as a fixative in perfumes to enhance other aromas. Can be used with other powders to make a talc-free body powder.

An orris is a group of two species of European iris, cultivated in Italy and sold as “ghiaggiuolo.” The rhizomes (similar to roots), resembling ginger, are dug up in August, stripped of their rootlets and bark, and then dried until they look chalky. These dried rhizomes are them powdered before packaging.

The essential oils and tannins in orris powder work together to produce an astringent, protective and healing effect. This would be good to add to nappy rash potions and to talc natural alternative baby powder.

Owing to its wonderful smell orris root powder is often used in a variety of products. It helps to maintain the skin’s elasticity and moisture content. It also acts as a mild astringent – regulating moisture exchange, exfoliating, and removing toxins in the skin. Thus, it is used to make the base of body powders, such as the face, hair, foot, underarm deodorants, blush, eyeshadow, and baby powders. It is safe to be used on even sensitive skin. It is used as a base note, stabilizer, and fixative in perfumery to create a wide array of scents, deodorants, and skin care products.

Spicey Potpourri
Orris root powder is commonly used as a fixative (makes stuff smell better, stronger, longer) in Potpourri:-
Any dried flower heads you have bought (like chamomile, lavender, marigold, rose petals) or dried yourself
Whole dried Bay Leaves
Whole dried cloves
Whole dried cinnamon sticks
Whole dried cardamoms
Whole other seeds you might have ie dried peppercorns, juniper berries, etc
1 or 2 teaspoons of orris root powder
12 drops of orange essential oil (does not need to be organic in this case)

Place all the ingredients into a large glass jar, cover with a good fitting lid and shake all ingredients. Leave to develop for about 4 weeks, shake everyday. When it’s ready place in an attractive open bowl or in a special potpourri dish.


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