My old sewing machine find

Old Crank Shaft Sewing Machine

I was out for the day visiting Sidmouth and the Budleigh Salterton area, what a pretty area. The weather was warm and sunny. The countryside was also very pretty. Wondering down the high street with no intention to shop for anything. This sewing machine caught my eye in the window of a charity shop and was compelled to buy it.

sewing machine

I know it’s not a sort after really old vintage one and that it’s missing its wooden box. But it is non-electrical, in amazing condition, super well made and so green etcetera. As far as I could tell it was in good working order. And whats even better I was helping charity, can’t remember which charity but that is immaterial.

I have often thought that I might get a non-electrical sewing machine in keeping with my growing green etcetera ethos. But hadn’t thought too much about it. This doesn’t mean I won’t be using my other two electrically operated sewing machines. One is mechanical (you manually turn and push the knobs to change stitches) the other is computerized electronic. The computerized is easier and quicker but I generally prefer things to be mechanical as there is so much less that can go wrong and are cheaper to buy and fix.

In comparison, this old machine is so beautifully made, certainly made to last and I know that getting parts will be easy. There is one thing about many old machines it only does a straight stitch, no zigzag stitch. Advantages of this machine would be its slowness and control, hence precision for something like topstitching. This machine would handle the heavy fabrics that modern sewing machine often have problems with.

Even if I don’t use it that much I helped charity and it will make a great practical object/piece in my sewing studio, come workshop. £35.00 well spent I think, something that is useful, practical, attractive and will last for many years.

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