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Donate your old specs

Do you have old pairs of glasses buried in the back of some drawer? Dig them out, they can be put to good use. There are many people around the world that are unable to get or afford eye tests and glasses. In fact, the next time you have a good clear out think all the other things you could be donating. The thing that could be put to better use.

Some time ago old glasses were sent overseas to be donated directly to a recipient. These days things have changed.

According to Vision Aid Overseas site –

We stopped sending used glasses overseas several years ago when the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) recommended that sending used glasses overseas was not the best way to establish sustainable eye care in the developing world. The IAPB made their recommendation on the basis that:

* Recycling glasses is not cost-effective – cleaning, refurbishment, repair and transportation costs are often greater than the cost of supplying new frames and lenses

Today, Vision Aid Overseas focuses on providing a sustainable solution that delivers affordable eye care services, from locally trained eye care professionals, and low-cost brand new glasses to patients in need.

No specs, donations are also badly needed

If you have perfect eyesight and no old specs to donate, no problem. The organization also needs donations to a) to build centres where people get free eye tests b) train locals c) reach the poorest and most remote areas.

Where to take your old glasses click below

A lot of the high street opticians will accept old glasses/spectacles. They then box them up and donated to Vision Aid Overseas for recycling. The charity uses the money it makes from selling the reusable materials to fund its work in developing countries.

Every bit we do does make a difference to someone.


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