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natural skin creamThis article is about the simple conditions that might affect the skin and make it itchy that are generally due to allergies or dry skin which can be a common cause. Some people are more prone to dry skin than others. The environment (weather) or products that are too harsh drying to the skin can make it worse. You can suffer itching from systemic candida problems or eczema.

Occasionally itching might be due to kidney or liver disease or it maybe due to a side-effect from a pharmaceutical medication but these conditions are less common. Itching can be due to measles or ringworm or such things as head lice or fleas these remedies below are not for such conditions – these conditions will be covered in future articles.

Some people are more sensitive than others and deciding to remove chemical synthetic ingredients from your skin care routine or that of your children is an excellent start. There are many things that could be causing a problems for instance the synthetic perfumes in soap powder and/or fabric conditioner. The bath products, shampoo, the fabric in clothing, rolling on the carpet that had a ‘shake and vac‘ type product poured all over it and so on.

Start removing and/or changing products one-by-one and swap them for natural products – no need to get over-whelmed do this at your pace. Of course itching doesn’t have to be because of something the skin has come into contact with it can also be due somethings that are consumed that contain some synthetic ingredients.

Poor nutrition and deficiencies can make someone more sensitive to their surroundings or an overload from ones immediate environment can make someone less able to cope. Inflammation is a crucial element so anti-inflammatory herbs or essential oils will help.

Organic Aloe Vera Gel for itchy skin
Many people find this simple remedy very helpful. This is especially good if your skin is itching by hydrating the sun damaged dry skin. Contains healing properties.

Organic 100% Melissa Water for itchy skin
Melissa is excellent for troublesome type skin. Relieves itching, rashes and helps calm sunburn. Put into a spray bottle for easy use.

Oat Calming Bath for itchy skin
8 oz oats
Place the oats in a muslin cloth and tie up into a pouch with some string. Place the bag into the bath and soak for 20 to 30 minutes. If you want dab your skin with the bag. Oats are soothing to the skin. Dry your skin and apply the anti-itch oil (see recipe below).

Soothing Vinegar Bath for itchy skin
24oz Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
8oz Witch Hazel
8oz Crushed Juniper Berries and Dried Lavender Buds
Vinegar is very good at changing the pH of the skin helping to calm itching.
Place the vinegar in a saucepan (not aluminium) and bring it bo the boil. Immediately remove from the heat and add the juniper berries and lavender buds. Leave to steep for several hours then strain and store in a glass container with a good fitting lid. This is enough for 4 baths. Dry your skin and apply the anti-itch oil (see recipe below). 

Anti-Itch Oil
50% Evening Primrose Oil
50% Calendula Oil
Mix together and store in a dark glass bottle out of direct sunlight.

Other Herbs that help itching
Plantain Leaves
St John’s Wort

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