Natural Skin Care Products

natural skin careNatural skin care Natural traditions meet with modern science, in a synergistic blend of revolutionary skin care design. Ingredients are chosen for their quality, purity and beneficial values. Nature works – centuries of botanical wisdom and modern green science blend.

Nature provides ingredients that feed neurotransmitters, natural substances produced by the central nervous system allowing communication between each and every cell. This means skin regeneration, vitality and a more youthful look.

It may surprise you to know that the average woman who follows a daily skin care routine with the typical products will absorb almost 5lbs of chemicals through her skin every year? Some of the man-made compounds found in most products have been linked to cancer, interfere with the hormone balance, while others may irritate the skin or even cause the skin to age prematurely! This is shocking.

A while ago I weighed out 5lbs of sugar as a demonstration to show what that looked like because the average person consumes about 5 lbs of sugar each week!! Which is also shocking! I keep it to show people what the average consumption of sugar actually looks like. When I look at the bag it’s a really large amount of sugar or imaginary chemicals.

Natural skin care ranges are free from the usual harmful harsh chemical additives and synthetic perfumes. You can get undeniable results from pure and simple luxury skin care products. Green Et Cetera skin care collection is formulated around anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins, and plant extract rich ingredients to truly ‘feed and protect your skin’. These natural compounds increase your skin’s elasticity, moisture and provide essential nutrients to protect the skin whilst encouraging lifting, reducing fine lines and brown spots and a whole host of other benefits.

Natural, organic skin care products. NO PARABENS – NO SULPHATES  – NO PERFUMES – NO PHTHALATES

* some products are easy to make once you know how – with the formulas on this site

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