How to Make Natural Furniture Polish

How-to make natural furniture polish

Last week I made my own furniture polish. One smells of citrus made with coconut oil and the other smells of cedar made with olive oil. Both work well and smell wonderful. As you can see from the photo I used some glass jars I had kept for reusing, these jars are from some French pate I had bought for my husband. However, any jar or better still a tin will do as long as it has a fairly wide opening and is quite shallow. However, if you or a member of your family is allergic to citrus make the second furniture polish with cedar wood or lavender essential oil.

FIRST – for the citrus furniture polish I used
600 mls of coconut oil
200 grams of pure beeswax pellets
100 mls of limonene**
I placed the coconut oil and the beeswax only into a large glass jar (with plenty of space in the jar) and placed the mixture into the microwave!! I know they say that beeswax is flammable and to melt the wax in a double burner. Anyway, I put the microwave on for 1 minute only and then stirred and placed the mixture back for a further 45 minutes, removed from the microwave and stirred again. All the pellets had melted into the coconut oil. 

Question – does the wax have to be in pellets (beads).
Answer – No, if you have a block of wax that is fine, just course grate the wax with a grater for easy melting in the microwave.         

Question** – What is limonene?
Answer – Limonene is a colourless liquid classified as a cyclic terpene which has a strong smell of oranges. It is derived from the rinds of oranges. Used in many products these days, especially household cleaning products, some others products like shampoo etc.

The pellets (wax beads) are small and melt easily. Once the wax and oils is all melted and blended together I poured in the limonene and stirred immediately. The solution is now ready to pour into clean containers. Leave to cool and later put on the lids. As you can see from the image the furniture wax looks great. Good enough to give as a gift with a label and pretty packaging.

Always go carefully when heating up the oil and wax in the microwave, follow the instructions and don’t leave the kitchen until you have finished. If you don’t want to use a microwave or don’t have one use two pans, one smaller than the other. Place water in the larger one and bring to the boil, then place smaller pan in the water and place the jar with wax and oils into the pan and gently heat until melted.

SECOND – furniture polish I made
600 mls of olive oil (you could also use almond oil or a mixture of oils)
200 grams of pure beeswax pellets
20 mls (4 teaspoons) cedar-wood (or lavender) essential oil
I did exactly the same as for the recipe above and instead of the limonene I added the cedar-wood essential oil at the end just before I was ready to pour into containers. Whatever you make yourself or even buy for that matter, always test a small area of wood first, somewhere it’s not so obvious. Always better to be safe than sorry.


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