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colouring is good for youIt’s okay if you can’t meditate or hate the idea of meditation. I also don’t or won’t meditate. But there are other ways to gain some positive side-effects. We all know that meditation is good for you but it’s impossible for some people to do. We also know art or crafting in some form or another is really good for our minds, bodies and souls. Oh no, you think! Bad at art, can’t draw, hate sewing. You don’t have to be good at art or have a sewing machine. You don’t have to be able to draw or sew to reap the benefits of something that is taking off in a really big way. Please keep reading, anyone one can do this even if you have no artist/craft skills and no space to set up an area. It’s easy but effective.

There are many things you can do or make that will have a positive knock-on effect in your everyday life. Help you be more focused, even when you are not creating something. Excellent pastime to reducing stress. Learning something new like purposeful patterns or a craft is good for every cell in the body.

We all have stress in our lives and as we all know stress can cause a number of health problems like high blood pressure, autoimmune diseases, heart disease, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and more. Finding a simple pastime is a great stress reliever because it takes you out of fight-or-flight mode. You will find a more relaxed state of mental clarity and calm. With practice you will become more creative in more aspects of your life. You will also gain the ability to focus better in other aspects of your life.

Can’t or won’t meditate, no problem. Find another way to gain positive healthful benefits. The question is what? Especially if you are nervous of arty stuff.

The easiest thing in the world to take up now.
I am sure you have seen the colouring books for grown-ups? Go to a book store, stationery shop, art suppliers, or Amazon on-line and you will see a huge range of colouring books, these books are not for children. They are intricate, designed to de-stress and focus the mind. Colouring-in is a really excellent way to chill out.

Book – the quality of paper in these books varies a lot, buy one that has been printed on good quality paper, this is very important.  The subject is up to you, nature, fantasy, cities, wildlife etc.

Coloured pencils – buy the best quality colour pencils you can afford the premium ranges from Prismacolor (USA), Derwent (UK), Lyra (German), Faber-Castell (German), or Caren D’ache (Swiss). I have listed them in order of cost Caren D’ache being the most luxurious. There are non water-soluble (contain wax or oil) and water-soluble. The premium ranges contain much higher levels of pigment (colour), the important bit. They are generally softer and need less pressure to lay down enough colour.

Plus – you will also need a very good quality pencil sharpener. Erasers one kneadable type and a plastic type.

That’s it your set – book or two, some colour pencils 36 to 48 is generally enough and maybe a pencil-case if you plan to colour on the move, a quality pencil sharpener and erasers. Some people colour at airports, in front of the TV, on a train, or before going to sleep which is an excellent time to calm the mind. It’s up to you. Some people take theirs to the office to colour-in at lunch-time while socializing with other colleagues who are also colouring-in.

Cost for quality products
Colour Pencils Derwent Coloursoft Tin of 24 colours £24.00
Colouring Book £7.00 to £15.00
Sharpener £2.00 to £6.00
Erasers £3.00
Total approx £40.00

The second easiest thing to take up is doodling and then colour-in your own work.
Doodling, (untangle, zentangle, zen doodle) is easy and will have even more health benefits than just colouring-in. There are many books on how-to begin doodling, plus workshops for beginners. This way you get to be a little more creative without having to be an accomplished artist or artistic.

More information on “Purposeful Patterns” Workshop soon.

Equipment needed – Saruka micron pens have a very fine tip, with permanent ink, easy to draw fine lines, buy one size .05 and two other sizes all in black.  Plus the coloured pencils, sharpener and erasers. Buy a small-sized but quality art pad or small art notebook like moleskin or similar, this size makes it very portable. That’s all you need. I create my own in an artist paper notebook by moleskin (see image of my cat) and then colour them in afterwards if you wish.

Cost for quality products
Set of 3 Pigma Micron black pens £5.00
Colour Pencils Faber Castell Polychromos Tin of 24 colours £24.00
Bleed-proof paper art pad £5.00 (note-book will cost more)
Sharpener £2.00 to £6.00
Erasers £3.00
Total approx £40.00

In both cases there are less expensive options depending on your budget for instance Staedtler 185 C24JB Noris Colour Pencils, a pack of 24 is about £8.00, a lot of people are very happy with these. I personally have no experience with these pencils. The other option on a budget but still want the quality colour pencils, buy second-hand on places like ebay or gumtree.

Now even you can be creative and practice mindfulness. Go a head don’t think too much about it, just get your supplies and enjoy the health benefits.

Arthritis Tip – if you have arthritis in your hands you will need to press far less if you buy colour pencils like – Derwent Coloursoft or Faber Castell Polychromos. People have said that using these pencils has made it easy. Cheap types of pencils have less colour pigment and cheap fillers giving these pencils a hard centre. This causes pain for those with inflammatory problems in the hands as far more pressure is needed to lay down enough color.

PS I am not associated with any of the products mentioned above I just use them so I know they are good quality and a pleasure to use.

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