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For years I had used moleskin notebooks. Back then I didn’t think too much about where something was made, I just liked them. I always chose one with a black cover and the inside would vary depending on what I wanted to use the notebook for (I also really like ink and fountain pens). Today, moleskin notebooks are designed in Italy, made in China and shipped all around the world.

Then gradually, I began to think about many aspects of my life and making it more green and eco-friendly. Of course “I wanted my cake and eat it”. Wanting to do this wholeheartedly but without compromising lifestyle too much. I wanted to continue using a good paper and quality notebooks, so I needed to find a greener option that was made in Britain. Happy to say I found an alternative made in the Britain, good quality and hand stitched.

The Stamford Notebooks

The Stamford Notebooks are hand bound in Stamford, Lincolnshire, Britain. In the region of East Midlands. All the notebooks have quality paper milled in Cumbria at one of the few remaining paper mills in Britain (even better). The company can emboss your notebook if you wish. They can make beautiful bespoke books – paper, page layouts, covering materials, branding and personalization. For a special gift, they will put your notebook into a cloth bag and box it. They have a large choice of covers.  Customers can choose recycled leather, leather, cloth or embossed coated paper and more. They come in a huge choice of amazing colours too.

To be fair the Moleskine company says it’s careful to select manufacturers that support environmentally responsible practices, including the use of acid-free paper and Forest Stewardship Council certification. Moleskine also supports lettera27, an organization that supports literacy, education, and access to knowledge worldwide, particularly in Africa.

Never the less, unlike the quality Stanford notebooks, Moleskin notebooks are not made in Britain, supporting British jobs. A fraction of transport miles is used to get these notebooks to you from the factory. Check them out for yourself don’t take my word for it.

Disclaimer – I have nothing to do with this company in any way.


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