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Christmas Local Shopping

Thoughts of Christmas are not too far away, ordering the turkey and what are we going to buy everyone?

Let’s make this Christmas the year you buy as many of your presents as possible from small local businesses and self-employed people.

It doesn’t mean you have to buy a crocheted bear instead of the latest gadget. Instead of buying your latest gadget online from a huge international company buy it from your local store. Helping local people stay in work.

Think local, think green, think eco-friendly. Think about putting your money in the hands of local artisans instead of the huge multinationals. This means more people in your area will have a better Christmas.

Get your speciality bread, order your cakes and puddings from your local baker. And/or find out who has a small home based business baking cakes in your area. Get your free-range or organic turkey and other meats from the local farm shop.

Start visiting the farmer’s markets in your area for the things you can start buying in advance for your freezer or larder like the locally made chutneys and preserves. These are also great places to find local ingredients for your own baking and making.

Gift certificates –

don’t know what to buy some people? Think about a voucher for a local service, for instance, a meal at a local restaurant or pub, a gift voucher to the hair salon, a massage at the local therapy centre, the list is endless.

Online –

for those of you who don’t have a time or inclination to wander around galleries or studios, craft fares, local farm shops or farmers markets. Online is the answer, almost everyone has a website where they sell their skill, craft, product or service. From people working from home or out of the way studio to remote farms, more often than not they will have a website.

Green –

besides local go one step further, maybe thinking about sustainable, eco-friendly, recycled, upcycled, and organic.

Presents on a tight budget –

this year make some of your own gifts. Some simple ideas that are easy to make and look good and would be appreciated. You will need to start collecting some stuff now instead of throwing them a way. Such as card from packaging or nice paper, glass jars with good lids, glass bottles with good tops. Ribbons, buttons, beads etc ask friends and family if they have any they don’t want. Pop into charity shops for nice contains, decorative glass jars or baskets to make up gift sets.

The internet is full of great ideas – Pinterest is crammed full of ideas.


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