Greasy, oily skin and natural products

castile soap Greasy, oily skin

1) Wash your face with a mild soap like castile liquid soap and warm water. Don’t be put off by the word mild, it will leave your face clean. Castile liquid soap is an all natural vegetable derived soap, if possible use  an organic version.

No more harsh soaps, that dry the skin too much, this makes the skin over compensate. More often than not they contain animal fats that clog pores and contain irritants that damage the skin.

I am guessing you have been using a wash cloth or something abrasive – no more harsh treatment. Do not punish your skin! Be gentle to your skin. It’s made of the same stuff as a sensitive or dry skin.

2) Start using organic apple cider vinegar in the final rinse to help restore the pH of your skin after using harsh products for so long. This will help to resort the skin’s immune system and bring back balance.

3) Use a clay masque, one for oily greasy skin, once a week to remove any debris that has clogged the pores. You can add some fresh pineapple or fresh papaya mashed up. It is important that the fruit is fresh as the live enzymes get to work breaking down dead cells and debris on the skin.

4) Gently scrub your face only once a week, with a little castile soap and brown sugar. Rinse off with warm water not hot.

5) Use an organic natural toner for greasy skin like rosemary water skin tonic. It’s slightly astringent making it useful for toning oily complexions. Rosemary water has a stimulating effect helping encourage healthy blood flow in the skin surface.

6) Moisturize with an oil-free product like organic aloa vera jelly or a totally natural moisturiser made especially for greasy skin.

7) Wash your face no more than three times a day – morning, mid-day and evening if you feel the need to. Twice a day is better, the rest of the time you can blot or dab your face with a paper tissue.

Some people with an oily skin wash their face far too often. This can create the very problem they are trying to solve. If you need to, just pat your face gently by opening a paper tissue and laying it on your face then gently press down. This will remove any excess shine. DO NOT use a face powder.

For some reason people with oily skin think their skin is as tough as a rhino’s hide, it’s not.

8) You could be eating too many processed, damaged hydrogenated fats. These toxic fats are found in so many produces today. Chocolate, cookies, cakes, chips, French fries etc read labels. You need to change your diet and your personal care routine and products. Eat raw natural fats from raw unsalted nuts and seeds.

9) Remember you too need to drink plenty of water to flush out impurities.



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