Glass Mason Jars

The mason jar is a collective term for a certain type of jar originally for preserving and pickling and today the mason jar is used for just about everything, and I mean anything – storage for food or office stuff or sewing stuff, a vase for flowers, fitted with an electric light, for fermenting or sprouting, for serving salads or desserts, or in the bathroom to store items or as a soap dispenser and they can also come with a handle for using as a drinking vessel, again with a lid that has a hole for the drinking straw.

There are various brands – Kilner is made in Britain, Bormioli Rocco Quattro Stagioni made in Italy, in the USA there is Kerr and another one is called Ball. They all have the lid size in common. I have metal lids, plastic lids, sprouting lids, dispensing lids, fermenting lids, cocktail lid, and they are all interchangeable between the different brands of jars. There are two sizes the regular and the wide mouth.

Popularity in the last 10 years has sky-rocketed with the ball company reporting their sales have doubled over the last 10 years. I bought a large collection of those Italian jars 15 years ago (I know I would have prefered British made jars but I was living in Malta at the time) for my pantry to store food. At that time I had no idea how versatile my jars would become. They came with metal lids which went rusty after a while. It didn’t matter as I soon discovered I could buy lids for all sorts of purposes. Extending the life and use of my jars.

I would think that it is probably quite easy to find second-hand jars from house clearance places, charity shops and eBay that you can sterilize and then buy new lids for from kitchen supply places or Amazon.


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