For a healthly glowing skin, avoid these

sweetenersEnemies of anti-agingthere are things in your diet and lifestyle that are encouraging deterioration and speeding up the aging process, especially your skin. We all age, some faster than other. To improve your skin’s and low down the aging process avoid –
1) Sugar, any type
2) Dehydration, try to make sure you are hydrated at all times
3) Constipation, encourages auto-intoxification
4) Alcohol, more than a few drinks a week is aging to your skin
5) Caffeine
6) Hormone imbalance
7) Chemicals in general
8) Blood sugar level imbalance
9) Too many white flour products
10) Nutritional deficiencies
11) Smoking
12) Being too thin! Is there such a thing? Yes.

Super enemies to your skin – these are the really nasty ageing substances that will cause serious aging and a horrible dependency!! Seriously, they have been proven to cause consumers to become slaves to them, they are additive and destructive. Coupled with the things listed above you don’t stand a chance. I know some of you will think I am crazy, but the evidence is clear. Even the New York times reported recently (something Naturopaths have known for years) artificial sweeteners are addictive, cause craving for sweet and fatty food and they encourage weight gain.

2014 A new sweetener has joined the ranks – A gram of advantame is 20,000 times the sweeter than a gram of sugar and considerably sweeter than the other five types of sweetening food additives. Aspartame (Equal), saccharine (Sweet’N Low) and sucralose (Splenda) all range between 200 to 700 times sweeter than sugar in contrast.

These super enemies are toxic and seriously pro-aging.
1) Aspartame
2) Acesulfame K
2) Dextrose
4) High fructose corn syrup
5) Hydrolyzed protein
6) Maltose
7) MSG (monosodium Glutamate)
8) Partially hydrogenated anything,
9) Sucralose (splenda)


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