Itchy Skin, natural solutions

This article is about the simple conditions that might affect the skin and make it itchy that are generally due to allergies or dry skin which can be a common cause. Some people are more prone to dry skin than...Read More

14 Essential Oils for Skin Care

Try to buy organic essential oils, but if you can't at least buy essential oils that are pure and undiluted, ready for you to dilute a little into your products. Don't use essential oils when pregnant unless you check out...Read More

Pure Cold Pressed Carrier Oils

Pure cold pressed carrier oils They can be used as they are or blended with essential oils. The first three carrier oils have been chosen for their light quality, nothing is worse than heavy greasy oils. They are extremely absorbent...Read More

Natural Skin Care Products

Natural skin care Natural traditions meet with modern science, in a synergistic blend of revolutionary skin care design. Ingredients are chosen for their quality, purity and beneficial values. Nature works - centuries of botanical wisdom and modern green science blend....Read More

Rose hip oil for skin rejuvenation

Rose hip oil is a remarkable oil, excellent for skin problems, massage two to three drops of the oil into the affected area every day. If you are pregnant this is a really good oil to use to prevent stretch...Read More

Shea butter for dry skin & skin problems

Buy shea butter 100% pure & organic Shea butter extracted from the nut is known to contain a number of ingredients with biologically active components that moisturize and heal skin ailments. It is rich in vitamin A and E which...Read More

For a healthly glowing skin, avoid these

Enemies of anti-aging - there are things in your diet and lifestyle that are encouraging deterioration and speeding up the aging process, especially your skin. We all age, some faster than other. To improve your skin's and low down the...Read More