Air Fresheners – the bad & the ugly

The bad and the ugly - Air fresheners (air poisons) come in all shapes and sizes. These indoor chemical products include sprays, plug-ins, sticks, wicks, mists, aerosols, carpet "cleaners," scented candles, scented draw liners, the sprays that mask fabric smells, sprays...Read More

Kitchen waste to liquid nutrients & compost

Wormeries,  turn your vegetable or fruit peelings, kitchen scraps and waste into wonderfully rich compost and a liquid nutrient-rich fertilizer to feed your plant pots, herbs, flowers, hedges, veggie patches or lawns. The liquid needs to be diluted general one...Read More

dried spices

Orris root powder and potpourri

Dried orris root smells like violets and is primarily used as a base for natural toothpaste, and as a fixative in perfumes to enhance other aromas. Can be used with other powders to make a talc-free body powder. An orris...Read More

bicarbonate of soda

A shopping list for natural cleaning

The list of stuff you need to make your products is quite simple and/or products you need to buy. Most of the ingredients would be found on your supermarket shelves or some even at the corner shop or online in...Read More

To begin – natural clean home

Maybe you have found this site because you are thinking it's time for a more "natural green clean" or you have already made some moves towards a more natural home and are looking to change even more for the sake...Read More

cleaning vinegar

Vinegar for green clean home

There are different types of vinegar White Spirit Vinegar - the cheapest and best used for green eco-cleaning Apple Cider Vinegar - I use this organic live vinegar in my food recipes for its health benefits Wine Vinegar and Balsamic...Read More