Old leather organizer to new travel journal

Upcycling a much loved but defunct organizer Back in the day (many years ago) I bought a beautiful leather Mulberry Organizer, it would go everywhere with me for many years. The refills consisted of really nice cream paper with sepia...Read More


Kitchen waste to liquid nutrients & compost

Wormeries turn your vegetable or fruit peelings, kitchen scraps and waste into wonderfully rich compost and a liquid nutrient-rich fertilizer to feed your plant pots, herbs, flowers, hedges, veggie patches or lawns. The liquid needs to be diluted general one...Read More

How to Make Natural Furniture Polish

How-to make natural furniture polish Last week I made my own furniture polish. One smells of citrus made with coconut oil and the other smells of cedar made with olive oil. Both work well and smell wonderful. As you can...Read More