Buying British or Irish is more eco-friendly

britishBuying British, Irish (if you live in Ireland), buying local

Buying British is good for the country, good for employment, good for the environment. The products you buy haven’t travelled half way round the world and back again. That a lone goes a long way to reducing the carbon foot print, making them more environmentally friendly.

Traditional skills

Sadly, there are some traditional skills and crafts that will be lost forever from Britain if we don’t support them more by buying their products or services. Once lost it will be very difficult to bring them back, with more support people will be encouraged to learn these skills to hand-down to future generations. Green Etcetera wants to make sure that we all become more aware of the wonderful heritage we have here in Britain.

Our countryside

Unfortunately, so many orchards were lost, apple, pear and cherry orchards to name a few in favour of foreign imports. Fruit that has been flown from one end of the earth to the other. It’s good to know that British orchards are beginning to make a come back. Support them by buying British fruit from British orchards.

Wool and sheep

New Zealand lamb is good but British lamb and mutton are better. Better taste and better for local farmers, help farmers stay in business. Support the British woollen industry by buying British woollen fabric, yarn or garments made from British or Irish wool. There is a company that treats and processes sheep’s poo into a variety of wonderful paper and card.

Buy organic when possible

Buying British organic produce and products helps our environment – where bumblebees, honey bees, and creatures like ladybirds thrive. These little helpers are vital to our environment and our food chain. The honey bee is a busy pollinator, ensuring the next generation of fruit and other plants are pollinated. The honey bee generally prefers fruit tree flowers but not exclusively and works rapidly, quickly dispersing pollen while collecting nectar. Buy British honey.

Plant more trees

We need more trees – plant some trees. Go to your local garden centre or nursery ask them about the best time of year to plant trees and soil type, maintenance etc. Therefore, whether you want ornamental or fruit trees, large or miniature depending on the area you have. Your garden centre will help you. If you don’t have a garden donate a small amount to a charity involved in planting trees or plant a tree in a friends garden.

Purchasing Power

There really is power in every decision you make.

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