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Chile May Become First Latin American Country to Ban Plastic Bags

Chile’s congress will vote on the bill next month (October). If it is passed, businesses found using and distributing the bags could face a $300 fine.

According to The New York Times website

Banning plastic bags (or criminalizing them, as Kenya did) means increased food prices for low-income residents and higher costs for local store owners to provide more expensive options. It isn’t good for the environment either. With most bans, we’ve seen a move to thicker “reusable” bags that aren’t sufficiently reused, or cloth bags, which must be reused 131 times before their carbon footprint is less than a single plastic bag.

Plastic retail bags are half a percent of America’s waste and less than 1 percent of litter, so banning or taxing them will not produce meaningful benefits, though it will threaten American jobs.

I feel we need to start somewhere and even though it’s only 1 percent, all the 1 percent we do in different areas of our lives, add up to something more significant.

Other options state – using a reusable bag for one year replaces 300 to 700 disposable bags. It is a small cost considering your contribution to saving the environment!

As you read above if you use a cloth bag you would have to use it 131 times before their carbon footprint is less than a single plastic bag. Consider the bag that has been up-cycled. The is bag made from something you no longer want and might have thrown out, cutting the carbon fit print significantly. Secondly, cloth bags rot and breakdown (so much better for the environment), plastic bags do not.

Instead of throwing your old jeans away make a simple shopping tote. There are many free patterns on the internet, super simple to more intricate depending on your sewing skills.  Denim or similar fabrics make the perfect bag as the fabric is strong and hard wearing. However, the upcycled bag can be made from many other fabrics.

All about the things you can make with your old jeans the image was taken from this site.

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