Air Fresheners – the bad & the ugly

The bad and the ugly Air fresheners (air poisoners) come in all shapes and sizes. These indoor chemical products include sprays, plug-ins, sticks, wicks, mists, aerosols, carpet "cleaners," scented candles, scented drawer liners, the sprays that mask fabric smells, sprays for...Read More


Kitchen waste to liquid nutrients & compost

Wormeries turn your vegetable or fruit peelings, kitchen scraps and waste into wonderfully rich compost and a liquid nutrient-rich fertilizer to feed your plant pots, herbs, flowers, hedges, veggie patches or lawns. The liquid needs to be diluted general one...Read More


Deodorant, Antiperspirant, Aluminium, natural, nasty

Sweat Glands Most of our sweat glands are found on our foreheads, hands and feet, these sweat glands are known as eccrine. This sweat does not contain proteins or fatty acids and has been active since birth, producing a sweat...Read More


Re-think, re-duce, re-cycle, & re-use

.Urgently Need to Rethink A failure to take these things seriously is going to pose a very real threat to our future and the health of generations to come. Much of our waste ends up being dumped where it’s broken...Read More


Why Green Clean?

Green clean for the sake of your health (you are probably the person who uses the commercial products close up) and that of your family members & pets. It is often not appreciated that the air in your home is...Read More


Top Ten simple things – help your environment & your health

10 simple things Everything we do has a knock on effect, that affects us all and especially the next generation. We know that we can not change the world single handily but we can personally make a difference each and...Read More


Safe as Houses

Once the front door is closed we see our home as a safe haven from the outside world. Certainly if asked, we would consider our homes to be less polluted than the outside
world. In fact, quite the opposite is true....Read More


How toxic is your home?

Your home can affect your general health, energy and any chronic condition you or your children might have like headaches or asthma. You might not be aware that buildings can have some serious problems that can affect your general health...Read More

talc mine

Talc is hazardous to your family’s health

Talc Talc is a mineral produced by the mining of talc rocks and then processed by crushing, drying and milling. Processing eliminates some trace minerals from the talc, but does not separate minute fibres which are very similar to asbestos...Read More